Centre Tours

The centre offers tours of the centre for families on the wait list when it is likely we will have a positon for their child. This may be a group tour in the early evening. Once we are able to confirm a place is available for your child we will invite you to viist the centre during the day to view the cnetre in operation and to meet with the teachers and educators 

Priority of Access Guidelines

Enrolment to the Centre, and progression through the waiting list is based on the Commonwealth’s Priority of Access guidelines

Waiting List

The Centre generally operates at capacity however, families are invited to join a  waiting list when there are no vacancies available.

There is no cost to join the waiting list. 

A waiting list application is available for download by clicking the link to the waiting list applications page. 

Families wishing to join our wait list should complete the form with as much detail as possible and return it to the centre either by general post or by scanning the application and emailing it to sophie.scipioni319@schools.sa.edu.au

Once you have submitted your waiting list families must contact the centre by email, every 3 months to update information and to keep your application active. Families that do not contact the centre every 3 months will be removed from the wait list. 

When a postion at the centre becomes available we will contact families to arrange a personal tour during business hours and an opportunity to meet the staff who will work with your child. A start date will be confirmed once you accept the position and the leader in your child's room will contact you to arrange and negotiate orientation visits.