Learning Stories and Portfolios

Upon enrolment your child will be provided with a portfolio that will be stored at the Centre and taken home whenever you or or your child wish.

Educators will document your child’s involvement and learning at the Centre using learning stories regularly. You may like to create a page or two when your child first starts care or preschool with us to assist with their orientation and to help staff get to know your child and their family. We also encourage families to contribute to the portfolio throughout the child's time at Halifax St.  When your child leaves the Centre we will bind the document for you to keep.

Children are welcome to take their portfolios home from time to time to share their stories with other family members and friends and to add their stories from home about children’s learning. As staff use the stories to plan a program of involvement and learning for your child please let us know when you take the portfolio home and hand it directly to a staff member when you return it to the Centre.