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Making Garlic Bread

Teo and Thurston had just sat down for lunch when they asked “Where’s the garlic bread?” I explained we weren’t having garlic bread today but the boys were adamant they wanted some. I suggested that perhaps we could make some for afternoon tea and they both shouted “YEAH!”  

We discussed as a table over lunch what we would need and checked in with Julie to see what we already had available. We made a list of what ingredients we would need to purchase to make our garlic bread and realised a trip to the shops would be our first step. 

After lunch we set off into our community for the local IGA to buy 3 loaves of bread. The children helped to select which would loaves would be best before paying at the counter and heading back to the centre. 

When we returned, Cathy helped us to slice the bread and the children buttered each piece. Next Julie helped us to make a garlic spread using fresh garlic, butter and parsley. We used the food processor to make our mixture. 

We spread our garlic mixture onto each piece before reassembling the loaves, wrapping them in foil and popping them into the oven. 

Soon the whole centre filled with the smell of our yummy garlic bread. We loved sharing our food with our friends in room 34. Everyone thought our garlic bread was delicious!

This experience has led to conversations with our chef regarding children’s voices in our centre menu. We will be holding regular meetings with Julie our chef and Room 34 children to brainstorm ideas for our weekly menus. 

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