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Can you build something tall?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This subject involves learning experiences that allow children the chance to engage and explore through play while developing skills relating to the four key areas. The role of the teacher is to scaffold their inquiry through open-ended questioning.

In Preschool this week we have been brainstorming things that are tall. Children were then shown a short clip of a penguin trying to build a tower with his friends that ultimately ended with it falling down. This provocation was the platform for our challenge ‘can you build something tall?’ Children were given access to different types of blocks for this experience. Some chose to work in teams while others took on the challenge themselves. It was rewarding to see them collaborating, problem solving, taking risks and having fun!

We have extended this lesson through our Science table. The STEM challenge ‘can you make something tall?’ is available for all children to explore throughout the week. In our next session we will extend this challenge to move from providing structured resources like blocks to unstructured materials such as boxes to see if children 

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