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Mother’s Day in Room 34

This term in Room 34 we wanted to extend our identity project from term one to build stronger connections with each other and families within our community.  For the first two weeks of term two we have been preparing for our Mother’s day afternoon tea.  During our group times we discussed what our Mum’s do when we are at Halifax Street…

“Works on a puter, in a office” Esther

“Her work has a green button we have to push to open the door, there is a picture of me when I was a baby there” Emma

Jawad said “Mum works at the shop at Scootz”

A group of children went to Jawad’s parent’s café Scootz to see where Jawad’s Mum works. Children talked about how our Mum’s help us…

“Buy us toys” Oskar                                         “Stop us crying and hug us” Sloane

“Teach us” Lila                                   “Plays with trains, makes food and ice-cream” Zachary

“Mum’s work to get money” Lucy                                    “She reads some stories” Sophie

“Go to the park, play at the park” Ayaan           “Reads lots of books to me” James                          

“Plays with me” Thomas                                      “A mum is a woman” Thurston

“Mum’s do jobs, they cook dinner, butter chicken or anything” Reuben

“My Mum works at the fire station, she drives home with me” Astrid

“She makes super lots of food to make for my belly, all types of food” Sam

Making Scones

There was lots of preparation we had to do for our Mother’s day afternoon tea.  Throughout the week we made lots of scones with Julie.

Decorating the Tables

Julie purchased some flowers that we arranged for our table centrepieces.

“I love the little yellow ones” Maeve              

 “I have the same like this at home” Edith holds some Rosemary.

“I have some Rosemary at home too”Esther                

“I like this one” Oscar points to the light yellow daisies.

Our Mum's Arrive...

We enjoyed scones with jam and cream with our Mum’s and special ladies in our lives. Children together with their Mum’s threaded beads making necklaces or bracelets, read a book together, made cards, made flower bouquets, painted and had a photo together in our photo booth. The afternoon provided a wonderful opportunity for Mum’s to meet other Mum’s building both new and stronger connections with each other.  Through the enjoyment of sharing of scones and doing activities together showed the care we have for our wonderful Mum’s within our community at Halifax Street.

Written by Andrea.