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Marshmallow Park Excursion

On Thursday the 27th of July the Room 34 children went on their first excursion to Marshmallow Park. First thing in the morning the children, along with their teachers and educators, set off into the community. They walked the 800m to the park, excited to find out once and for all if it really was a playground made out of marshmallows.

“What if the whole playground is marshmallows?!” – Marley

“Yeah and the ground and the sky – everything is marshmallows!” – Thurston

Despite discovering the park was not made of marshmallows, it did not disappoint one bit. The children enjoyed their morning fruit together under the beautiful, big trees. They explored the different pieces of equipment and nature experiences the park offers. There wasn’t a moment someone wasn’t smiling, laughing or screaming with joy. Except maybe when we told them it was time to leave.

We cannot wait to do it all over again next week!