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Our Community Garden

We could never have imagined how beautiful our garden would turn out while we were planting it. With the help of our lovely room 1 & 2 families we were able to transform a small sunny block of grass into a sanctuary – our very own community garden.

Last week we ventured to St John’s for a picnic, a few months after the initial planting. We were extremely excited about what we found; an array of fresh vegetables and herbs ripe for picking, gorgeous flowers, and even a few succulents to admire. The children gleefully picked produce, ate in on the grass, and played several rounds of chasey and ball games.

Community gardens are so good for children. They offer a opportunity for children to:

Explore Where Their Food Comes From

By getting involved in a community garden children have the opportunity to contribute to every part of the growing process. This gives them a deeper appreciation for the food that they consume at mealtimes. Our children were so excited to get back to Halifax St and present Julie with the produce they had harvested from St John’s.

Develop A Sense Of Interdependence And Community

In creating and caring for this garden we had much help from Halifax St families and members of the Halifax Community. The children helped and saw how all the hard work together paid off. They realised that the garden could not be created by themselves and through this are developed a strong sense of belonging to their community, and the value of cooperating with others.

Marvel At The Wonders Of Nature & Relax

The children are always excited to go to the garden. They wonder how it will have changed since their last visit, what new plants or creatures will their be to explore? We notice as we spend time in the garden that the children visibly relax and are happy to be there. The garden provides them with fresh air, gentle sunlight and positive surprises.

A big thank you to all the families that helped to create our St John’s Community Garden. The children have had some great visits marvelling at the fresh produce and flowers the garden now has to offer. We look forward to many picnics down there as the weather warms up. Please feel free to visit it in your own spare time.