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Fruit Time is for Sharing

At Fruit time this morning, Ray decided not to join us for a very long time. To his dismay when he arrived at the table, all the fruit was gone.

Ray: “Jess¸ I would like to have some fruit please”

Jess: “You’re a little bit late Ray, but perhaps we can go and see if Julie has anymore fruit in the kitchen.”

Sure enough, Julie had more fruit in the fruit bowl and Ray was able to select a mandarin for himself.

Ray: “I’m going to take it outside to share with my friends.”



Ray sat on the circle and happily began peeling his mandarin.

Ray: “Ada, Ada!.. Would you like some mandarin?”

Ada: “Yes, please Ray”



Ray: “Grace, would you like some mandarin?’

Grace: “Yep.. thank you”



Neusa: “I would like some mandarin”                        

Ray: “Here you go Neusa”



Ray: “Grace, would you like some more?”

Grace: “Yes, please”

Ada: “Me too, Ray”

Ray: “Here you go.”

Jess: “What about for yourself Ray? You haven’t got much mandarin left”

Ray: “Oh yeah, for me. There’s some pieces for me.”

I am constantly delighted by the insights and perspectives our room 2 children share with us. When I think of Fruit time, I think of nutritious colourful food and providing nourishment to our bodies, to give us energy for the morning. For the children it seems, Fruit time is not so much about eating fruit as it is about the act and opportunity of sharing favourite fruits with friends. Ray was so eager to share what he had that he almost forgot to save some for himself. The first thing Neusa did when she received a segment was to share it with Cynthia. The joy lit up Grace and Ada’s faces as they enjoyed a piece of mandarin that tasted so much better because it had been gifted to them.