Community Involvement

Community Involvement

We consider children to be competent citizens of our community and as such have a right to be actively engaged in the local community. We have several ongoing projects that support our relationships within the local community, including the St Andrew’s Hospital Community Garden and St John’s Community Garden. We also invite community members into the centre to work with children on specific projects. The centre has a strong relationship with Gilles Street Primary School and supports children’s transition to school with regular visits and communication with the Reception teachers and wider school community.


Halifax Street Children’s Centre and Preschool believes that excursions are an important part of a child’s program. Excursion’s allow children to experience their environment first hand and facilitates their understanding of the world around them. All excursions’ are planned by staff taking into account the children’s interests, development, our programming as well as cultural and social events. Staff also plan adult to child ratios carefully to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. Authorisation to include your child in short, local walks under staff supervision is included in the enrolment pack. Parents will receive adequate notice of excursions beyond the scope of the ‘Local Walks’ consent form and written permission will be sought prior. Children cannot participate if the consent form is not returned. Parents and other family members, with appropriate documentation and clearances, may be invited to join in excursions from time to time.

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