Kuma Learning Community

Kuma Learning Community: Our 6 weeks to 2 years old children

Our youngest group of learners are building strong relationships with the adults and this is extremely important to begin from the children’s first visit. These children should not be underestimated in their ability to understand language, as in what is being said to them or about them. They communicate back to us using their body language and varied vocalisations.  We are balancing the role of carer and teacher and aim to surround the children with warmth, acceptance and forgiveness. Whilst there are times of routine, for example; nap time, nappies, food and drink, there are also times of fun games, stories, songs, and laughter. We include times of adventure out behind the Purlaityi (2s) and Marnkutyi & Yarapurla (3s & 4s+) into our larger garden and regularly venture offsite to places such as St John’s Garden to literally smell the  roses.


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