Room 1

Welcome to Room 1

Room 1 is often the place where children begin their journey into education and care.  Our mission is to make this experience a positive one for both children and their families.  Our experienced and dedicated team of educators work with families and caregivers to provide the very best start for your child. 

Supporting children to feel safe and secure in their learning environment is our primary focus.  When children feel secure, they develop the confidence to explore the rich learning opportunities offered to them.  Our educators provide a warm and nurturing environment where your child will receive lots of attention and encouragement. 

Feeling that they belong to a community is important for children’s wellbeing.  In Room 1 even the youngest children are invited to participate in daily routines which promote a sense of community.  Group times, preparing the dining table and learning how to care for our environment are examples of how we foster children’s sense of connection to others.

The Room 1 program is play-based and largely built on children’s interests. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy our educators ensure that children’s voices and contributions are valued and incorporated into our program. 

Our weekly program includes:

  • Singing and music
  • Walks in the community and to St John’s Garden
  • Visits to the ‘big’ garden to play in the company of the older children
  • Fine and gross motor skills play
  • Caring for our environment
  • Language encouragement
  • Delicious, nutritious food
  • Lots of fun!

We welcome new families to come and see for yourselves our fantastic learning environment. You will receive a warm reception from our educators, who will be pleased to give you a tour of the centre.

Celebrating 109 years of providing high quality early childhood education in Adelaide