Purlaityi Learning Community

Purlaityi Learning Community: Our 2-3 year old children

Whist now appearing more grown up than the Kuma children, our 2 year olds are still in their infancy. As a society, we expect so much from them because they can physically do so much more. Many can also verbally let us know what they want and what they do not want but we forget that emotionally and  socially they have had little time to learn how to manage their emotions and to get along with others. This actually take years. Our dedicated teaching team in Purlaityi understand this and will carefully model calm ways of responding to children and their behaviours. 

The Learning Environment for our 2 year olds is designed and intentionally set up with invitations to role play, play freely with familiar equipment, and also include deliberate provocations that tap into particular interests of the children. This age group are often fascinated and curious about the natural world so many opportunities are planned to allow for the exploration through direct experiences. This might include visits to St. Andrew’s gardens and working on a vegetable or Butterfly Garden in the outdoor environment. They show their learning through their play, song & dance, and through diverse art and craft experiences.

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