Room 3

Welcome to Room 3

Hi, I’m Andrea the Room 3 Teacher at Halifax Children’s Centre.  The programme we have for our 3 year olds focuses on building children’s confidence and independence.  The Reggio Emilia approach influences our centre valuing children as strong, capable and resilient.  The Reggio Emilia philosophy guides our environment and curriculum planning exposing children to a wide variety of learning opportunities.

We recognise that in the early year’s connections with children and their families are vital in building strong foundations and positive relationships.  We provide a nurturing environment where children are engaged in a positive and caring setting, have a sense of belonging and authentic relationships are built with children feeling safe, secure and loved.  We care for the whole child collaborating with children, families and staff to determine our curriculum and projects. 

Our educational program promotes holistic learning to nurture children’s wellbeing and provide positive learning outcomes for children in our care.  Through a play based program we provide an engaging and developmentally appropriate environment that is child centred focusing on individual needs and interests.  Our programming includes community walks to Himeji Gardens, St Andrews Hospital gardens, Hutt Street Library as well as exploring our community and local businesses.

We welcome families to have a tour of our centre and our room to meet the wonderful team we have in Room 3.  I would love to discuss your child’s individual needs and how we can best support them and you at our centre.

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