Marnkutyi & Yarapurla Learning Community

Marnkutyi & Yarapurla Learning Community: Our 3 - 4 - 5 year old children are our Pre-Kindy children and Kindy children

At 3 and 4, our children are still learning,  growing and trying to make sense of their world.  It is therefore important to not expect children to behave like small adults and manage their bodies and emotions accordingly. For this age group, we are looking closely for their developmental progression in the social, emotional, and physical domains. Children of this age are becoming more social in their play and love role play, physical challenges, participating in simple games, and investigating various art and craft experiences. They continue to join in song and dance. There is an increasing awareness of rhyme, rhythm, and repetition of language and also the shapes of objects, the investigating and formation of sequence of patterns, and an increased awareness of their mark-making having a link to written script.  This group are becoming more independent and can manage most self-management skills such as dressing themselves, toileting & handwashing. 

Our Kindy children are able to receive their 15 hours of Kindy on either Tuesday & Wednesday or Thursday & Friday as of 2025. The Kindy program is an extension of the Early Learning Program that all children receive at Halifax Street no matter the days they attend. Kindy hours are 8:15am-3:45pm 

In South Australia, Preschool and Kindergarten programs mean the same thing. We are differentiating  our program by holding the choice of Kindy days  between Tuesday—Friday with Monday not being allocated for that choice. We think it is a much better option as most Public Holidays fall on a Monday in  Australia.

We are establishing a Bush Kindy Program in the Parklands of the South East. Our intent with this project is to take our caring for country seriously by playing in, and aiming to regenerate the  forgotten corner of the Parklands. We’ve be liaising with  Adelaide City Council’s Green Adelaide and Uncle John (our Kaurna elder friend).  Other experiences that will be for our Yarapurla children will be visits to Gilles Street Primary School where we have established a relationship with the Reception teacher and class.  Gilles Street PS doesn’t have an onsite Kindy so Halifax Street are happy to be considered their Kindy. We are also establishing relationships with some of the Independent and Catholic Sector Schools within the CBD, too. This offers different types of activity and also allows our children to explore the city and meet other members of our wider community.

Other adventures for the Yarapurla children will be by utilising the Free City Connector Bus Loop that can give easy access to the Botanic Gardens, sections of Adelaide University, the Museum, the State Library, the Art Gallery, the Migration Museum, the Central Markets, and so much more within the city. Each outing, even the walks within the Hutt Street Precinct, will enrich the children’s sense of place and belonging.


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