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Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year within our room with Julie making the lunar new year delicacy Yu- Sheng. Julie provided a variety of ingredients that symbolised luck and long- life together with long noodles. Yu-Sheng is a traditional ritual where families and friends gather around and mix the ingredients all together amongst the noodles saying their new year’s wishes.

We celebrated this together, building these cultural connections within our centre. Children were being connected to their world gaining an understanding for diversity and different cultures.

Some children balanced their noodles onto their chopsticks and were successful in getting one or two noodles into their mouths. Some asked peers for help. “I can’t do it, can you show me”. A few children used two chopsticks in one hand, others twirled their noodles. Two friends decided to work together to hold a chopstick each to scoop the noodles into the chopsticks and then manoeuvring them into one’s mouth.

Once again children demonstrated through the use of chopsticks that they are capable and competent and willing to give things a go.

This just reminded me what a special place we have here at Halifax Street and the wonderful sense of community we have. It is a privilege to work here.