It’s too many bowls!

Today Sophie, Mila and Esther were setting our tables for our lunch time. The girls started setting forks around the table. “There are no more forks

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It’s too Squishy!

When setting the table for lunch often children position plates touching each other all around the table. As educators we normally fix this problem by moving

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Parliament House

On Wednesday the 6th of November, a group of children from Room 34 went on an excursion to Parliament House. This opportunity stemmed from an

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Making Friends

Throughout the day we see our Toddlers interact with one another in a variety of ways and we support them to develop strong relationships with

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Father’s Day

On Friday the 30th of August, Room 34 celebrated Father’s Day. The children invited fathers, dads, brothers, uncles, grandpas, step fathers, poppy’s and pa’s into

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